School physicals

The State of Illinois requires that all children entering kindergarten, sixth grade (new in 2008) and ninth grade have a complete exam and certain immunizations.

This exam is valid for one year from the date of the exam.The school will mail you a form in the spring before that school year. Please make sure the top of the form is filled out completely–including the immunizations. If you don’t get the form from school, click here to download a copy.

We will review the top of the form during the appointment and verify that the information are current and correct. Call well in advance of the start of school in order to obtain an appointment for the exam–this can be done as early as spring. Please do not call us in July or August and expect there to be many (if any) appointments left!

By preparing your child for what to expect during the visit (including the possibility of injections), the visit will go more smoothly for all.

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